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Our Company

Mohlman Asset Management roots go back to Lou Mohlman Sr establishing Lou Mohlman Financial Inc. in 1971 in Logansport Indiana. The Company is now based in Fort Wayne Indiana and operated by Mike Mohlman and Lou Mohlman jr. 

Our clients of Distinguished Net Worth receive service that is personal, private and exclusive.

Our Commitment

As a boutique asset management firm, we offer our clients an unparalleled level of service. With our access to Private Equity Groups, Mohlman Asset Management can help clients find unique additions to strengthen their portfolios.

Through our portfolio philosophy of Core/Satellite Combination, we provide broad market diversification across domestic and international sectors.

How does it work? In short, Satellite opportunities are specialty investments (Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Investing and more) that add risk or return to your Core Portfolio. This unique blend is the foundation of our account strategy.

Our Principle

We are your fiduciary partner in spirit and legality. At Mohlman Asset Management, we believe you deserve the highest standard of care possible. That’s why we place your individual interests above our own. By upholding the fiduciary standard, we remain distinct from the approach of traditional financial advisors. It’s our principle.

Our Strategy

At Mohlman Asset Management, we base our client’s portfolio on 7 Key Factors:

  1. Modern Portfolio Theory is the backbone of sound portfolio construction. Diversification and risk control is key to client success.
  2. Efficient Market Hypothesis states that the market is usually priced correctly. This explains why most managers seldom beat the market index.
  3. Stay invested for the long term. Efforts at market timing rarely succeed.
  4. Be prepared to take short term action. Volatile markets provide opportunities dependent on immediate action.
  5. Fundamental valuation and comparisons to historic norms balance emotional bias in times of uncertainty.
  6. Short term claims that “this time is different” rarely hold true over the long term.
  7. Our global economy demands that you invest globally.